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Victor Palacios (Victor) プロフィール

出身国 U.S.A.
血液型 ??型
星座 しし座 -leo-
好きな食べ物 Krispy Kreme Chocolate Donut (warmed up)

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Hello, I'm Victor~ 

I like ice cream, donuts, and hamburgers. Very American. I am 23 and like to swim, workout and play badminton. From time to time, my host mom and I visit other countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, and France! I study Information Science and my specialty is deception (when people tell lies). I love research about deception but I also enjoy reading about attachment theory and learning. I'm in my first year of graduate school and I plan to stay in Japan for at least two more years but I might stay longer for a PhD. I'm from San Francisco, California (USA) and I speak English, Spanish and Japanese. Come by My English Room to learn more about me~


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