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出身国 U.S.A.
血液型 O型
星座 おうし座 -taurus-
好きな食べ物 Okonomiyaki, spicy food, and desserts

Valencia Arnoldからのメッセージ

Hi everyone! I`m Valencia from the U.S.A.
The first time I came to Japan was in 2009 for an TESOL internship through my university. 
The second time was in 2011 with my younger sister for a vacation in Osaka.
The third time was in 2012 with my younger sister to work and live here for a long time.
My hobbies include dancing/dancerising, exercising, singing, and listening to music.
I look forward to meeting and speaking with you all. 
I look forward to hearing and talking about your experiences, interests, and dreams.
Let`s have a great time together!

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