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出身国 U.S.A.
血液型 ??型
星座 さそり座 -scorpio-
好きな食べ物 Ask me!

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Trevor David was born and raised in New York City. As a child, David's dream was to be on TV and in movies. He went to shows on Broadway, listened to radio and watched TV and movies always.

David's family moved to Florida after he finished high school. He went to University of Florida, and got a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Then, he moved to Orlando, and worked at DISNEY/MGM Studios, and UNIVERSAL Studios. While he was working at UNIVERSAL, he got a small part in a movie called KINGS RANSOM.

 David moved back to New York City. In New York, David acted in a short film, "HAND ON THE PUMP", then he got a manager. After that, he got a lead role in a feature independent film, "LOVE GOGGLES", this film was entered into a film festival in Los Angeles, The Hollywood Black Film Festival. David won an award for "Best Actor" in this film. At this time, David also got a part in a commercial for CHRYSLER NEON, so David decided to move to LA to pursue his dream.

 In Los Angeles, David slept on his friend's couch and worked hard to begin his acting career. Eventually, David worked with actors such as TOM CRUISE ("Vanilla Sky"), CHARLIE SHEEN ("Good Advice"), TOM HANKS ("You've Got Mail"), JOHNNY DEPP ("Blow"), BEYONCE ("Survivor"), KEIFER SUTHERLAND ("24"), and many more. David was in several American TV programs, music videos, magazines, etc..

 David lived in Los Angeles almost 5 years, and fulfilled his dream to be in Hollywood movies and TV shows.  He was asked to come to Japan to TEACH ACTING to children, by Japanese action star SHO KOSUGI. David worked at Mr. Kosugi's school for one year, then he began working on his own.

 Since then, David has been living and working in Nagoya. He is publisher of a magazine, RAN MAGAZINE, He has been in several Japanese TV shows and on posters and in several commercials. Now, David has decided to combine acting, English, and movies, into HOLLYWOOD ENGLISH CLUB.

 David has a new dream, his dream is to make HOLLYWOOD ENGLISH CLUB a successful school, where students enjoy learning English in a NEW WAY, using film scripts, movies, and acting games. Eventually, David hopes to have his own film/video production company, and to make films and documentaries about people and places all over the world.

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