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出身国 U.S.A.
血液型 O型
星座 おひつじ座 -aries-
好きな食べ物 karaage, kebab, curry.

Ramsey Alnawajhaからのメッセージ

My name is Ramsey Alnawajha, I came from America, Ohio State. 
I came to Japan as exchange student at Aichi University to study Japanese and Japan culture two years ago, and now I`m back as assistance English teacher.
I can speak three languages, Arabic, English and Japanese.
I like watching Anime, Japanese Drama and Japanese variety programs.
I like cats and small dogs.
I really enjoy talking with and meeting new people! I`m looking forward to meet everyone again.
So, if you would like to know more, please come in and let's talk.

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