Let's cook in English! 英語でクッキングの人気講師Ivyのメッセージ!!

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ご興味ある方は早めのご予約をおススメ♫    Saori

Hello! My name is Ivy and I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I spent most of my life in Vancouver but I have also lived in New York, Montreal, and now Japan! 

Two of my passions in life are eating and cooking! My family is from the Philippines and my grandfather is Chinese so I am Filipino Chinese Canadian. I enjoy food from my family background and other Canadian dishes. 
However, there aren't so many original 'Canadian' dishes. As I tell everyone in my cooking class, Canadian and American (I will refer to it as North American) food has origins from all over the world. 

I hope I can share with you all some delicious recipes from North America and give you some new ideas on how to use ingredients from imported goods stores such as Kaldi. So let's begin!!! 


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