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About Us

Welcome to My English Room! This is not your everyday “Eikaiwa”. My English Room offers a casual conversation atmosphere where guests can enjoy a refreshing beverage while communicating in English. We welcome guests from all walks of life and nationalities. Our staff is truly international; we have staff from all over the world, except Antarctica of course. For guests who want a more intensive study experience, My English Room offers one-on-one lessons and several specialized courses, like the Chigasaki Method News English courses and the Business English courses. We also offer English Cooking classes, Sing in English classes, Reading classes, Handicraft classes, English RAKUGO classes and other fun classes which are designed to allow learners to enjoy using English while learning something new. Additionally, if there is anything in particular that you wish to learn, don’t worry! We are open to guests customizing their lessons to best accommodate their needs. In the mood for a party? My English Room hosts a variety of parties and events throughout the year: New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Hanami, Tanabata, Halloween, Christmas and more! To us, it’s just not Christmas until Tim cuts the turkey!

Everyone Is Welcome!

My English Room is not only for Japanese people wanting to practice English. We welcome everyone regardless of their country. Non-Japanese wishing to brush up their English skills are always welcome and are eligible to enjoy discounts on services. Are you an English speaker visiting Nagoya? Drop on in for a chat or for getting help/tips from locals and sightseeing. All of our staff members and customers are English speakers who are always willing to help visitors enjoy their stay and have many great experiences in Nagoya. You will make a lot of friends while you are in town! Looking for some part time work? Why not join our team? Check out our Job Information page for more details.

Job Information

Nagoya's English Café, My English Room (MER) is currently seeking new staff to fill several part time positions. MER offers a variety of English classes as well as open conversation forums in a very relaxing atmosphere. MER is a great way to supplement one's income and offers a fun, relaxed atmosphere for both staff and customers.

There are two classifications for staff: CA and CC

CA (Customer's Aid): Open conversation instructor

  • Controlling and maintaining conversation with up to 6 customers of various skill levels at one time.
  • Preparation and serving of beverages, as well as serving meals.
  • Performance of Opening and Closing tasks, depending on shift time.
  • Instructor must speak fluent English with college level proficiency.
  • Any nationality may apply but native speakers and those with BA or higher will have priority.
  • No teaching experience required but preferred.
  • Proficiency in Japanese is not required but welcomed.

CC (Conversation Companion): Private and group lesson instructor

  • Overseeing and moderation of group or private lessons
  • Instructors may be expected to create their own curriculum
Native speaker of English
  • BA or higher
  • Professionalism is expected at all times
  • All applicants must currently reside in Japan and hold a valid visa
  • All applicants must have permission to work from employer or educational institution
**Please note that MER does not currently offer visa assistance** To apply, contact Akiko at or call 090-3956-1022

Nihongo Club

My English Room also has Japanese classes! Need to work on your kanji, brush up your grammar or get yourself ready for the JLPT? We have several teachers who might be able to help you. One-on-one lessons are currently available for 500 yen per hour! Our volunteer teachers have years of experience teaching Japanese to foreigners of all levels and will work with you to provide you the type of lessons you are looking for. For more information or application details, please contact us by e-mail or phone.